Air rating by the hour
General information

The report allows you to view all broadcast elements, not just music, grouped by the hours of their broadcast.

The report contains one table that displays all the essential elements for the selected period. For each of the elements, the exit time, name and performer, the number of listeners at the beginning of the playback, 15 and 60 seconds after the start, as well as the ratio of the number of listeners after 15 and 60 seconds to the number of listeners at the beginning are indicated.

The data in the table is grouped by the hours when the elements go on the air. In the header of the table there are controls that allow you to sort columns and filter some of them that contain quantitative and percentage values.
The report consists of:
To generate a report, you need to select a station and specify the period.

When you click on the name of the broadcast element, a pop-up window displays all the outputs of the broadcast element at the selected station for the selected period.

The report allows you to select the time of day for which you want to display essential elements in the report parameters panel.
Figure out how the listeners react to the whole broadcast. We can see both an increase in the number of listeners and a fall at important time points of listeners of ether elements.
Why do you need this report: