Technical service

A service for testing musical material and analyzing the results for radio station

Onair testing

The service allows you to recruit your P1/P2 audience. The technology tracks users on the Internet, "catches up" with them, and offers to take a survey. The parameters of the number of connections are configured individually. We are and the Weborama service, we guarantee that the audience meets the stated requirements.
You can upload an arbitrary number of music fragments, of any duration, for conducting tests up to the entire music database of the radio station
A simple and fast test run, and results in within 10 minutes.
Ask any questions, edit them on the fly and adjust the logic of the survey depending on the answers, quickly and conveniently in one panel.
You can use an embedded code, or a direct link, to direct the audience to the survey.
Filter system
Before the music testing, you can ask users any questions that will then become additional filters for your survey.
Results and filters
Results immediately and filtering by any questions parameter
Online voting results
Get audience results right away and analyze it.
Any question and parameter of this question can become a filter. As soon as you select the desired filter, the table with the results will be immediately corrected with the desired results.
Upload data
Upload the test results to Excel
How much is it?
For using the service for 1 month / at a time for one site, the number of streams, users and surveys conducted is not limited
350 $ / month
All the polling logic is performed on the service side, and you don't need to purchase anything separately.