Where are they listening from
General information

The report allows you to view the distribution of the audience by the sites from which listening is performed (websites, mobile applications, Smart TV, etc.)

The report consists of a graph and a table.

The graph in the form of a bidirectional bar chart shows the number of auditions and unique listeners for the first 20 sites with the largest audience.

The table for each site contains three columns for each station: the total number of station listenings from the site, the number of unique listeners and the ratio of the number of listenings to the number of unique listeners for the site, as well as three of the same columns for the total values for all stations.
The report consists of:
To generate the report, you need to select the stations and the period.

The report supports operation in comparison mode. In this case, the graph is not displayed, and the table for each site displays auditions and unique users for the main period and the comparison period, as well as the ratio of their number in the comparison period to their number in the main period.
To understand the distribution of channel by the volume of listeners
Why do you need this report: