Peak number of listeners
General information

The report displays the maximum number of listeners listening to the selected radio stations in each of the 15-minute intervals during the day.

- a graph for the selected dates, the graph displays the value of the maximum number of listeners for each of the intervals.

- metadata about the broadcast associated with the graph, selecting a point on the graph, the metadata about the broadcast is loaded at this time. The ethereal grid shows the ethereal elements that were played during the selected day, indicating the time and number of listeners for each ethereal element. The graph and the ethereal grid are clickable.

- there is a comparison mode where you can select 2 dates or time intervals and get 2 graphs where you can visually compare them visually
The report consists of:
To generate a report, you need to select a date range.
Comparison mode and intraday interval selection mode are available for the report.
The broadcast grid under the report is displayed only if an interval of one day is selected and one station is selected (provided that metadata is present on the station).
When clicking on a graph point, if there is metadata, they will be scrolled by the specified time. Similarly, clicking on the metadata row will highlight the corresponding time on the graph.
The report is needed to understand a moment there was the maximum number of listeners on the air. In case of any deviations from the standard behavior of the schedule, there is a reason to start figuring out what happened at that moment. Technical or audience problem.
Why do you need this report: