Services for radio

Audience statistics and analytics. Testing of radio onair elements.

We present services for internet radio, audio and video broadcasting. Statistics and audience analysis are also available. With our onair testing for radio broadcasters, you will know everything about your audience and about its reaction to the radio air elements. What to put on the onair? What to remove from the onair?
The services provide answers to these questions and not only.
Radio station listeners analytics service on the Internet
The system's reports show what kind of audience you have, where it comes from and how many people have listened to the advertisement and how they reacts to onair. It helps you to decide what needs to be put on onair and what to remove from it.
You will know 100% of your audience, including listeners from partner sites and aggregators
We connect our system within 2 working days
Dateless storage of audience data
Data about the all of the audience in graphical reports
All reports are ready and maximally adapted for radio and television broadcasters
Onair testing
It is a service for the approbation of musical elements on faithful or potential audience of your radio station
The complete testing cycle gives you a set of services including your guaranteed audience, the platform for tests, reports for analysis
The first test can be started within a few hours
Online results
Own gauges in questions and screening by any indications in reports
Without coding, settings and purchase of equipment
Service for a radio station internet broadcasting
You can start radio broadcasting within two working days, even you have live on programs. The advertising platform is already included.
Live broadcasting without additional equipment even from a smartphone
Professional radio software in the cloud is ready to work
The advertising platform is already working
Statistics of broadcasting is already joined
All our services
Without programming, settings, and purchasing of equipment
The service is included in the IAB list as an audio advertising meter.
We have been developing radio services since 2008. We have a staff of developers, system engineers and own equipment.
Integration with advertising platforms by VAST/DAAST protocol.
More than 500 radio stations receive data from the service.
We work with widespread media servers such as Icecast, Shoutcast, and HLS. We can do integration with other servers and services on request.
Providing "turnkey" with technical support
Analytical services are integrated with Microsoft Power BI, TableaU, Google Data Studio, Qlikview. You can make personal reports.
The data is stored all the time while you are working with us. It is available from anywhere on the web via a browser.
All data can be checked by external audit services.