Radio Statistics
Report about listening radio to Internet
The tools for analysis radio audience
You will know their behavior
  • Programmes and songs
    which programmers and songs are listened more or less than others
  • Platforms and regions
    from which platforms come and in what regions live
  • How often return
    audience's loyalty, its repeated rate, listen-in time
The main service's difference from any analytic systems
We sync audience data with broadcast schedule and afford possibility to compare statistics with last period's and other services

All listeners of the radio station are taken into account in the reports

Doesn't matter audience listen in on own site, to mobile app, aggregator, pirate's resource, smart TV, partner's platform or even to Winamp. All listening are involved in reports

Service possibilities
  • clear parameters in audience data reports of radio station internet broadcasting for radio staff
  • special reports for software service, marketing, technical and regional departments
  • the tools for compare previous period data with possibility to see dynamics
  • on all data running order is laid, every broadcast element has audience figures
  • Need browser only
    Work like service in browser. Not require other software and hardware, own elaboration in full
  • Reports for any date
    Eternal data storage
  • Sending to email
    Sending ready-made reports by email according to a timetable
  • Service for broadcasting musical elements testing with rethinking
  • Not only radio
    And also we can measure video and podcasts
  • More information
    Website with the service and reports description
Audit and data export
  • Data audit
    the capacity to audit the radio station data or separate promotional campaign by the data auditor of Weborama and soon Mediascope
  • Export
    uploading data to Excel and pdf
  • Connection BI systems
    Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik and ect
Who will benefit?
  • Program department
    The number of listeners disconnections and connections during the program broadcast is a parameter analyzes the audience's reaction to each program.

    • Hourly rating of broadcast
    • Air rating by broadcast
    • AQH
    • Actual numbers of listeners
  • Promo
    Loyalty audience rate from different platforms.

    • Audience's repeated rate
    • Listening platforms
  • Commercial service and advertisers
    Audience outreach and data about amount of reproduction spiels.

    • Dashboard
    • Unical listeners
    • TSL and listening time
  • Regional branch
    How audience listen radio in regions. What needs to amplify, and what necessary to wind down.
    • Where are listening from, countries, regions, and cities
  • Technical department
    Plan support and catch sight of technical issues.

    • Browsers, operating systems, devices
  • Analytical department
    Integration with other analytical systems and uploading to the habitual excel and PDF.
Hourly air rating
How listeners disconnect or connect relative to the start of a broadcast or song. The report shows which songs or shows listeners don't like.
Air rating by broadcast
Groups all the air elements and the reaction to them. Shows how listeners react to specific programs or songs day after day.
AQH (average rating of the 15-minute interval)
A standard, generally accepted report showing how well the broadcast/song or even the entire radio station holds the audience.
Comparison mode for evaluating the popularity dynamics, for example, of some show.
Listeners in-real-time
The audience reaction to what is said on the air. The presenter says something and you immediately, instantly, see the audience feedback.
Audience's repeated rate and loyalty (retention)
What percentage of audience return to listening radio station within a week or a month.
Listening platforms (sites)
From which websites and mobile apps, users listened the radio station. For each resource, the number of listening for the selected time period is indicated.
It is convenient for evaluating the listening channels' effectiveness.
Support for UTM marks.
Listeners on the map: by countries, regions, and cities of Russia
Geographical assignment of listeners. Date on the number of listeners for the selected time period is provided for each city, region, or country.
Client apps
A check-list of devices, browsers, and operating systems that your listeners use.
The report is exploited to plan device and browser support. It is also an indicator of where broadcasting works or does not work.
Social dem and interest (additional option)
Who is your audience: men, women, their age, and interests.
The data for the report is taken from advertising sales commercial system.
Control your analytics
Uploading data to excel for further specialized processing.
Connection of BI systems (supported by Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau).
Direct uploading of processed data to Google Data Studio for the usual demonstration.
and more than 15 other reports
  • dashboard with common data
  • peak number of listeners
  • TSL, time to unique, listening time
  • breakdown by time span
  • unique listeners in different sections
Plans for 2022
  • Reports by line advertising in FM and pre-rolls
  • Additional uploading data about streamers
  • Sync with podcasts
  • And which music does competitors play
20 $

for every 1 000 000 listeners per month without limit for arhive logs

1-3 days

Connection within 1-3 working days is free by own efforts

2 weeks

The test period is 2 weeks without engagement. You will be able to look the data and the system in action. And we will suggest you the exact tariff.

For any further questions about service operation
Alex Nesterenko
Telephone: +359 877 474 587
Email: nester@mediadata.report